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Cardboard Feeding Machine

Mechanical Character:
1.  Control units of high quality industrial PLC and can be connected with the whole management system of the production line.
2.  Frequency-conversion motors for adjusting the conveyor belt speed according to that of the production line, so as to save power and improve efficiency.
3.  Independent drive is equipped for each section of belt for effective ejection, counting and stacking of boards with different running speeds and sizes.
4.  Horizontal conveyor rolls are driven by synchronized belt for higher stability, lower noise and easier maintenance.
5.  The stacking platform is controlled separately by section. The back guide position can be adjusted electrically or manually for boards of different sizes so as to realize clean and tidy stacking.
6.  Electroplating process is applied for all the belt shafts and board guide shafts, for polished finishing and longer using life.
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